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Series Producer Programme   
spp_frankash.jpgThe Series Producer Programme (SPP) is a high-end talent development initiative for network programme-makers in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the North of England. The scheme is funded by the BBC but is open to freelance and independent producers as well as to BBC staff.

The programme is a response to the significant ongoing increase in BBC network production outside of London. Within this context, the SPP is aimed at developing and strengthening the skills of the next generation of series producers. The programme delivers a series of high-level masterclasses and specialist training with the objective of growing the series producer base in the three nations and the North of England.

The SPP is a joint venture between TRC media and the BBC.

"The programme was an absolute turning point for me and my company. It opened my eyes to all sorts of possibilities - I've never looked back." Emma Wakefield, Lambent Productions, Brighton.

The participants on the 2012 Series Producer Programme are:

Carole O'Kane - Northern Ireland
Caroline Short - North England
Chiara Bellati - Wales
Dani Carlaw - Scotland
Edward Hart - Northern Ireland
Jamie Belment - Wales
Julian Carey - Wales
Julie Grant - Scotland
Matthew Worthy - Northern Ireland
Nacressa Swan - North England
Nick Mattingly - North England
Paula Campion - Scotland
Scott Martin - North England

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